Too early to evaluate Cavs GM Altman.

The Undefeated’s Mike Wise believes new Cavaliers GM Koby Altman’s success will depend on Isaiah Thomas playing at an All-Star level and LeBron James staying next season.
But whatever challenges he has to maneuver, Altman won’t let himself forget that he has basketball at the center of his existence, and he has been willing to do the dirty work — literally, at times — to get where he is now.

The Los Angeles Lakers are worse than they were a year ago. That’s bad news for a rebuilding team that’s already seen the bottom. This is how you end up in purgatory. This is how you become the Sacramento Kings. You find new hope every summer, and that hope slowly fades into frustration and disappointment until the next batch of optimism provides temporary relief.

The Lakers, of course, are not the Kings: L.A. has rafters full of banners, a gargantuan stockpile of revenue, and the glamor of Los Angeles. This breeds Lakers exceptionalism, a concept we’ve discussed before. This is the belief among many within the fandom — including decision-makers — that the Lakers do not play by normal NBA team rules. The Lakers do not rebuild like other teams. The Lakers are not subject to the natural cycles of success like other franchises. The Lakers do not kneel before the Basketball Gods — the Lakers are above all that. The Lakers are special.

During the AP’s 60 years of involvement, the only non-quarterback or running back MVPs came at defensive tackle (Alan Page in 1971), kicker (Mark Moseley in 1982) and linebacker (Lawrence Taylor in 1986). Even arguably the greatest overall player in NFL history – wide receiver Jerry Rice – failed to nab the hardware. The closest he came was finishing six votes behind NBA Jerseys Cheap Denver quarterback John Elway in 1987.

Brown has provided several in critical moments that overshadow the lack of good judgment shown in his cooler-throwing sideline tirade during a Week 5 blowout loss to Jacksonville.

Brown’s jaw-dropping sideline catches against Green Bay and Cincinnati put teammate Chris Boswell in position to kick the game-winning field goal as time expired. The 34-yard lob Brown snared from Ben Roethlisberger inside the final minute last Sunday versus Baltimore set NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Boswell up for more heroics with another deciding kick.

The fact all of these performances came on a prime-time stage helps Brown’s cause. The same goes for his three-touchdown effort during a Week 11 rout of Tennessee on Thursday Night Football.