Kenley Jansen is in the middle of one of history’s great relief seasons.

I am absolutely not making that up, and I implore you to check my research. The tall guys were Slim. Because they were Dhalsim in a baseball uniform. They were carnies, clambering around on stilts to scare children. And they were all Slim.

The tall players from yesteryear were not big beef-time beef lords. They were Slim, literally and figuratively. And it’s worth noting that while Frank Howard and Aaron Judge are the same height, Howard was listed at 255 pounds, with Judge at 282. There’s more beef, even compared to the beef of yore.

… with Brad Peacock as something of an old-school fireman whom they don’t even need, considering the relative depth of their bullpen.

While magically adding Gray would make most teams better, the obvious concern is what the Astros would have to give up. It wouldn’t be cheap, so they would have to really, really believe in him. Kyle Tucker? Derek Fisher? Forrest Whitley? Someone from the major league roster? Astros fans would be right to be nervous, especially since this is a trade that won’t necessarily affect the 2017 regular season.

The rumor gets an A- because it makes too much sense. No team has the obvious rotation need that the Astros do (for their postseason plans, at least), and no team has the prospects to mix and match with whatever the A’s are demanding. Also, when comparing the Astros with, say, the Dodgers, few teams have been more willing to exchange prospects for major leaguers in recent years.

I would just kick back and wait for this sucker to happen, really.

Instead, the Dodgers look like the best team baseball has seen since Cheap Team Jerseys the 2001 Mariners. Clayton Kershaw might win the Cy Young, but Alex Wood might go 20-0. Kenley Jansen is in the middle Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale of one of history’s great relief seasons.