Spike Lee announces Colin Kaepernick rally: ‘United We Stand’

Colin Kaepernick may still not have an NFL job, but he does have an abiding support system outside the league.

Movie director Spike Lee on Tuesday took to Twitter and announced that a rally in support of the free-agent quarterback will be held later this month.

Kaepernick remains unsigned as NFL training camps near an end and preseason games loom. Many suggest his continuing unemployment, following the backlash last year for kneeling during the national anthem before 49ers games, amounts to NFL owners blackballing the 29-year-old for his protest against police brutality and racial injustice.

He has said he would not continue the protest this season with a new team.

Cullors’ deconstruction of the proper way to protest attacks what Vick and others like him have said about Kaepernick for nearly a year. At first, people said he was a distraction for kneeling during the anthem, then no one thought he could play, and now he’s chastised about his image.

That’s the absurdity of respectability politics. Kaepernick doesn’t need to and isn’t better served to abide by fictitious rules about himself or his hair. The manifestation of his protest and of his moment is exactly what Baldwin envisioned writing The Fire Next Time.

One of the many questions Baldwin asked in his book was Do I really want to be integrated into a burning house? As the NFL currently turns its nose up at the idea of keeping Kaepernick Aston Villa Cheap Jerseys in the game, one has to ask why a man demonized for protest would want to be a part of Baseball Jerseys Custom the NFL’s noticeable blaze.