Month: August 2017

Kenley Jansen is in the middle of one of history’s great relief seasons.

I am absolutely not making that up, and I implore you to check my research. The tall guys were Slim. Because they were Dhalsim in a baseball uniform. They were carnies, clambering around on stilts to scare children. And they were all Slim.

The tall players from yesteryear were not big beef-time beef lords. They were Slim, literally and figuratively. And it’s worth noting that while Frank Howard and Aaron Judge are the same height, Howard was listed at 255 pounds, with Judge at 282. There’s more beef, even compared to the beef of yore.

… with Brad Peacock as something of an old-school fireman whom they don’t even need, considering the relative depth of their bullpen.

While magically adding Gray would make most teams better, the obvious concern is what the Astros would have to give up. It wouldn’t be cheap, so they would have to really, really believe in him. Kyle Tucker? Derek Fisher? Forrest Whitley? Someone from the major league roster? Astros fans would be right to be nervous, especially since this is a trade that won’t necessarily affect the 2017 regular season.

The rumor gets an A- because it makes too much sense. No team has the obvious rotation need that the Astros do (for their postseason plans, at least), and no team has the prospects to mix and match with whatever the A’s are demanding. Also, when comparing the Astros with, say, the Dodgers, few teams have been more willing to exchange prospects for major leaguers in recent years.

I would just kick back and wait for this sucker to happen, really.

Instead, the Dodgers look like the best team baseball has seen since Cheap Team Jerseys the 2001 Mariners. Clayton Kershaw might win the Cy Young, but Alex Wood might go 20-0. Kenley Jansen is in the middle Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale of one of history’s great relief seasons.

MiLB Single-A Ownership Opportunity – Northeastern U.S. Strong MLB affiliation

This one feels like an A- — everything about it makes sense, given the A’s rebuilding efforts and New York’s abysmal track record at first base in 2017. The Yankees aren’t out of things yet — even with the injuries and the disappointments, they sit just 3.5 games back in the AL East and are currently half a game up on the Twins for the AL’s second wild card. Yonder Alonso alone could be the difference that keeps them there or better.

The only reason this isn’t getting a higher grade is due to a little hesitation from the source of the rumor: Morosi says that the Yankees also want Sonny Gray from the A’s, so there is a possibility that they go with Gray instead, or that this gets too big and the Yankees end up missing out on both players while haggling over details.

Two franchises at once is a lot to handle; again, let’s let Chrissy ease herself into what will probably be a long and lucrative ownership career here. Baby steps though. Next!

MiLB Single-A Ownership Opportunity – Northeastern U.S. Strong MLB affiliation. Excellent potential for future opportunities. Buyers must be well-qualified and meet MiLB ownership requirements.

What are we counting as “well-qualified” and “meeting requirements” for this? Does model, author, and good-at-Snapchat count? No? Probably best to pass here then. Next!

A Top AA Baseball Team. | Rare opportunity to own one of the most recognizable, respected, and successful AA Minor League Baseball teams in the United States.
This team seems very top-tier. Either that or the listing is Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses talking it up too much and Cheap Jarome Iginla Jerseys it’s not as good as it’s cracked up to be. Plus, there’s no price range listed in the details which seems like a real “if you need to ask you can’t afford it” sitch. Probably best to let someone else take this one. Next!

Houston won 14 of their last 20 games and have a lineup that can carry them through any stretch of the season.

They’ll have a couple rotation holes to fill, but it’s not as if they have to worry about the window slamming on their fingers.

Starting pitching! Just like this season. The lineup is still powerful, even if they aren’t getting the same production from key sources like Manny Machado, Chris Davis, and Mark Trumbo. They can still out-dinger most teams in this world.

Similar to Granderson and Bruce, Davis could be well-suited for a team that has Cheap Ice Hockey Jerseys to unexpectedly deal with an injury to its outfield in the next few Cheap Ireland Jerseys weeks. He’s not a top-tier pickup, but his offense picked up in July when he hit .317/.388/.467 compared to his season line of .237/.297/.355.

He’s also stolen 19 bases to this point, tied for 10th in the league this season, which would be a help to teams as well. Davis is also due less than $3 million for the rest of this season.

Which is how we get things like teams putting half a dozen players on waivers at once just to see what happens or throwing the entire team on there just to mess with the league and obscure their true purpose. Which is the fun part!

So there’s a good chance that a few trades will go down before Sept. 1, even if they don’t involve the most famous players in the league or high-profile swaps. That said, here are a few post-deadline trades that could maybe, possibly happen.

Houston won 14 of their last 20 games and have a lineup that can carry them through any stretch of the season. They came right out of the gate by putting up ten runs against the contending Twins.

My point with all this? Well, I guess it’s that of the three obvious contenders, one of them was far worse than anyone predicted, one of them is almost exactly where they were supposed to be, and one of them is threatening to be one of baseball’s all-time great teams.

MLB trade rumor grades: Lucas Duda to the Yankees?

According to Mark Feinsand of, the Yankees are interested in Lucas Duda. This rumor makes sense. Let’s grade it.

I’m not sure when the tipping point was for Duda, when he made the transition from “kinda old for a prospect” or “poor man’s Adam Dunn” to a reliable power threat. He’s had an OPS+ between 130 and 137 in three out of the last four seasons, with the fourth easily explained away by injuries. He’s been a steady 25- or 30-homer hitter, and he’s patient enough to not worry about the low batting average. He’s pretty good at baseballing.

Gonzales, 25, was the No. 50 prospect in baseball before the 2015 season started, but he quickly lost his rookie eligibility after soaring through the minors. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2016, though, and the Cardinals didn’t really have a spot for him. He spent most of this season as an overqualified starter in Triple-A.

The reason both teams made the trade is obvious: Both teams are kinda sorta contending, but not really, but kinda sorta, so if they were going to address a need, it couldn’t be something that damaged their long-term aspirations. The Mariners’ rotation is currently a sentient bucket filled with severed limbs and digits, and they needed a pitcher. The Cardinals were looking for an outfielder, hopefully a young one, because of the confusing seasons from Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty.

The Mariners could have traded for Marco Estrada, and the Cardinals could have traded for J.D. Martinez, but this was a way for both teams to get what they wanted for the present and Cheap Goalie Jerseys Soccer future. The Cardinals had so many options for the rotation, they couldn’t squeeze Gonzales in, and the emergence of Ben Gamel and Mitch Haniger helped the Mariners feel more comfortable trading O’Neill. It was Cheap Heat Jerseys the relative youth and depth of both teams that allowed them to do this.

Would you sign 35-year-old Robinson Cano this offseason to a six-year deal for a guaranteed $144 million?

The Yankees appear to be getting close to a Sonny Gray trade, and Yonder Alonso could be going to New York with Gray should the deal close as New York hopes it does.

The Red Sox may have promoted Rafael Devers to take his seemingly rightful place at the hot corner, but he’s also only 20 years old right now and many weren’t expecting him to be called up until at least a few months from now, after he gathered more reps in the minor leagues. One theory is that the Sox did so to gain a modicum of leverage in trade talks, making it seem like they aren’t being forced to find someone. Trade talks are ongoing, though, as they’ve now been connected to the Reds’ Zack Cozart, who has only ever played shortstop.

Could Tuesday’s start have been the last game Lance Lynn pitches for the Cardinals? While St. Louis hasn’t officially switched over to seller mode, it could benefit more from trading Lynn now than losing him in the offseason when he (probably) turns down its qualifying offer.

It looks like the Brewers are fading in the Sonny Gray trade discussions, but with so many teams in and out on him every day, that could turn around again in a matter of hours. This could be a sign that the price is getting jacked up past Milwaukee’s comfort zone, or it could just be a pivot to another team that will swing another way soon. Who knows anymore.

Cano’s contract isn’t necessarily bad yet. Maybe more than any other China Cheap Jerseys contract in baseball, though, the fear that it is going to become awful exists. He’s been fine for the Mariners so far — better than fine, really, posting a 130 OPS+ with them over four seasons. He somehow still has six years left, though, taking him through his age-40 season, and he’ll make $24 million in each of Cycling Cheap Jerseys them for a total of $144 million.

Jason Whitlock: Odell Beckham Jr. is the most overhyped, overrated player in the NFL

Jason Whitlock thinks no one would know who Odell Beckham Jr. was if he didn’t have blonde hair.

During a segment on Fox Sports 1’s Speak for Yourself, Colin Cowherd Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys and Whitlock discussed whether it would be a mistake for the Giants to invest longterm in Beckham.

Certainly the research about marijuana … as (it) may relate Cheap Custom NFL Jerseys to the treatment of both acute and chronic pain, that is an area of research that we need a lot more information on and we need to further develop, Sills said.

His comments echo the NFL’s recent offer to work with the NFLPA on researching medical marijuana. As it stands, the league prohibits its use, even with 29 states legalizing it for medical use. This comes after a study recently found CTE in the brains of 110 of 111 former NFL players.

We want to talk about health and safety issues that affect the whole player experience, Sills said. And certainly pain management is a big part of that.

Your 81 touchdown passes through three seasons is the fourth-highest total in NFL history along with Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. What’s in store for the 2017 season?

Carr: For my name to be up there with some of those guys for the first three years, that is ridiculous. That’s stuff you dream of when you’re little. But that means I just have more work to do because the ways those guys finished their careers is probably what we talk about — not really how they started it.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien confirms J.J. Watt will play preseason opener

After a nearly year-long absence, J.J. Watt is back.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien on Saturday confirmed the star defensive end will play in the team’s preseason opener against the Panthers on Wednesday.

Martavis Bryant has been informed by the NFL that he is now permitted to participate in all preseason activities, including practices and games, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement Wednesday. He will continue to be evaluated as to his readiness to participate in regular-season activities under the terms of his conditional reinstatement.

Bryant averaged 37 catches, 660 yards and seven touchdowns in his first two professional seasons.

It will take a little bit of time for Bryant to get back into the flow of things, but at 6-5, 201, he has the size to go with tremendous ability. Now that he’s made nice with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it’s only a matter of time before he finds his groove.

The NFL doesn’t allow the customized cleats during the game, yet Beckham’s been able to be so creative with it that it’s still been noticed as his staple. His visor that has the Joker from Batman also sets Beckham apart from other players.

Off the field, he brings even more style — designer clothes, the latest Jordans, or a classic outfit that draws on nostalgia. He has an appeal that many strive for, while also bringing an Cheap Braves Jerseys appreciation for the past.

Cooling it in a TuneSquad jersey from Space Jam in a fresh Cheap Bike Jerseys pair of Jordan 1s is just one example of that.

49ers LB Donavin Newsom taken off field by ambulance after practice collision

A scary scene unfolded at the 49ers practice Tuesday when rookie linebacker Donavin Newsom collided with another teammate.

Newsom was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after he sustained an injury in a collision with Chanceller James.

The 49ers later released a statement that said Newsom didn’t have any spinal fractures, but that he did sustain a concussion. He will stay the night in the hospital to be monitored.

According to San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan, Newson’s eyes were open and he did have feeling in his hands.

The good news I can share is that he has feeling in his lower half, Shanahan Basketball Jerseys For Sale told reporters. We pray for the best.

Newsom, 22, joined the 49ers in May as an undrafted free agent from Missouri.

Because when Sporting News asked the Cowboys owner whether he considers the Cheap NFL Jerseys USA extravagant palace that is The Star to be the masterpiece of his Hall of Fame career in football, Jones’ mind dismissively turned to high school football. He’s proud to have manufactured a direct link between pro and amateur sports.

That’s the biggest thing we’re getting out of it, Jones said during a recent conference call.

But when a person walks through The Star, the multimillion-dollar world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, its connection to Frisco, Texas, high schools is the last thing that enters a mind overwhelmed by the size and luxurious nature of the facility. The walls, adorned with an endless enshrinement of Cowboys history, trap occupants in an echo chamber that leaves room for nothing but admiration for the franchise.

Spike Lee announces Colin Kaepernick rally: ‘United We Stand’

Colin Kaepernick may still not have an NFL job, but he does have an abiding support system outside the league.

Movie director Spike Lee on Tuesday took to Twitter and announced that a rally in support of the free-agent quarterback will be held later this month.

Kaepernick remains unsigned as NFL training camps near an end and preseason games loom. Many suggest his continuing unemployment, following the backlash last year for kneeling during the national anthem before 49ers games, amounts to NFL owners blackballing the 29-year-old for his protest against police brutality and racial injustice.

He has said he would not continue the protest this season with a new team.

Cullors’ deconstruction of the proper way to protest attacks what Vick and others like him have said about Kaepernick for nearly a year. At first, people said he was a distraction for kneeling during the anthem, then no one thought he could play, and now he’s chastised about his image.

That’s the absurdity of respectability politics. Kaepernick doesn’t need to and isn’t better served to abide by fictitious rules about himself or his hair. The manifestation of his protest and of his moment is exactly what Baldwin envisioned writing The Fire Next Time.

One of the many questions Baldwin asked in his book was Do I really want to be integrated into a burning house? As the NFL currently turns its nose up at the idea of keeping Kaepernick Aston Villa Cheap Jerseys in the game, one has to ask why a man demonized for protest would want to be a part of Baseball Jerseys Custom the NFL’s noticeable blaze.

Roger Goodell wants shorter NFL preseason

A shorter NFL preseason is good for fans, and the game, in general.

That’s the opinion of commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking Monday about fans not having to pay regular-season prices for preseason tickets.

I think that’s a good change and positive change, Goodell told the New York Daily News. I still believe we don’t need four preseason games.

The Daily News noted the Giants pricing is 50 percent lower for preseason, while the Jets use variable pricing.

When I go around to fans, that’s maybe the No. 1 thing I hear, Goodell told the Daily News. I always believe the NFL should do things to the highest possible standards. Preseason games are not that.

It also offers a bridge of hope for those who believe in it, which only doubles racism’s blow when it is encountered en masse. When racist graffiti was spray painted on the gates of LeBron James’ home this summer, it proved it doesn’t matter how rich or important or extolled a black athlete is to the white world because racism’s grasp is inescapable.

In the current context of Kaepernick, of being pro football’s most passionate protester, Patrisse Cullors, one of the original leaders of Black Lives Matter, pushed back on the need for modern activism to look respectable. In a 2016 documentary titled How A Hashtag Defined A Movement, Cullors decried the idea that black people and activists have to portray a sense of respectability.

The old civil rights [movement] really upheld the narrative around ‘respectability,’ around what we’re supposed to look like and be like, she said. Folks in Ferguson said, ‘No, we’re Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys not your respectable Negro, we are going to sag our pants, we are going to be ratchet, and we’re OK with that.’ We believe that we have to show up in our full selves, without closeting parts of AC Milan Cheap Jerseys ourselves, marginalizing parts of ourselves, and build together.