Chargers safety Dexter McCoil relishes every stop with return trip to LA

Chargers safety Dexter McCoil can’t wait to get back to the place where it all started.

“LA is LA,” McCoil told Sporting News. “I feel like it’s a dream place to visit. I think everybody should come visit, just to see how it is. I’ve just happened to had the Cheap Team Baseball Jerseys opportunity to live there twice. It’s a blessing.”

McCoil’s two-time path to Los Angeles is a winding one that has stretched across four time zones, three different professional leagues and two countries. McCoil parlayed a successful stint with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL into a shot with the Chargers, but it took thousands of miles in the car to get there after his college career at Tulsa ended.

Fick built on the success of a solid 2001 campaign by getting off to a hot start in 2002. The first half of 2002 saw Fick hit .290/.352/.479 with 11 HR and 40 RBIs. Fick was the lone Tigers representative on the AL roster, and he recorded a hit and scored a run during his time on the field for the AL.

This was Fick’s last above average season at the plate. He bounced around several places following this including Atlanta, Tampa Bay, San Diego, and Washington. On a side note, Fick will be remembered as the player who hit the final home run in Tiger Stadium history.

Both Clippard and Shreve noted that the law of averages comes into play over a 162-game season, and that baseball goes through different phases.

“Everything feels the same and we all feel like we’re gonna do good every day, and that’s what we take into every single game,” Clippard said. “We’re not going out there trying harder or less. It’s just kind of the ebbs and flows of a baseball season.”

Still, the sometimes-streaky nature of the game can play with one’s mind.