Third baseman Evan Longoria agrees that this is one of the best offenses he’s seen during his time in Tampa.

Morrison may be leading the team in dingers, but he’s quick to say that this is the best offense he’s ever been a part of.

“Top to bottom, guys have been doing a lot of different things, but the one constant is they can go deep at any time,” Morrison said.

Third baseman Evan Longoria agrees that this is one of the best Cheap Quality NBA Jerseys offenses he’s seen during his time in Tampa. While he recognizes the franchise is better known for its history of pitching and defense over the past decade, he’s not surprised that this team is becoming more offensive.

“We believed the offense was going to be there. … The pieces are in place, and it’s cool seeing it come together,” Longoria said.

Home runs are way up across baseball, but they’re skyrocketing for the Rays. And it’s been a buildup years in the making. After finishing in the bottom five with 117 home runs in 2014, the Rays hit 50 more home runs in 2015. In 2016, they hit 49 more than their 2015 output: a total of 216.

Their 128 home runs in their first 84 games has them on a pace for 247 on the season. That would be the seventh most in MLB history.

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For Betances, it turned out that his issues were both mental and physical. He said he’s working through some mechanical changes with pitching coach Larry Rothschild and bullpen coach Mike Harkey to iron out some of his recent problems.

“I was getting out of whack with my mechanics, and some stuff that I’m doing now (is) taking me back to where I first started in the last couple of years,” Betances said, regarding his foot position and the way he gets set. “It allows me to get a better direction towards home and keep my mechanics simple instead of too many moving parts.”